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"Living it up with the Bauers"

Hosts: Joe Bauer and Dr. M.A. Check out live audio of "Living it up with the Bauers"


Co-Hosts Joe and Maryann BauerThere are 73 million "Baby Boomers" in the U.S. The Baby Boomers ARE the economy, and we have what they are looking for. People want information but they want accurate information. A focus of 'Living It Up" will be to shatter the health myths that we are inundated with and provide specific and concise information for improving quality of life!

Living It Up brings the audience everything from fitness and facelifts to food and feng-shui!
This is Total Longevity Training….

Some of the topics include:

  • The Art of Reinventing Yourself and Career Transitions
  • Today's Headlines and their effect on your life,
  • Money Matters/ Pension Pitfalls/ Medi-scams
  • Relationships,
  • Parenting and Grand parenting in the new millennium,
  • The latest and best Health Discoveries,
  • Spiritual Growth, Inspirational People,
  • Human Sexuality,
  • Emotional Fitness,
  • Psychological well-being,
  • Menopause (Menopositive) and Andropause (yes, there really is male menopause),
  • Makeovers,
  • Interviewing fun people who have something to say, like Hollywood Boomers
  • Lifestyles / Transitions

Anybody can interview the experts, but nobody can visit with them like the Bauers. Joe is known and loved by San Diegans everywhere for his humor, integrity, and believability when it comes to selling products. This is priceless in a day and age of phonies and quacks.

Show Segments

A. New Findings or Exposé

B. Cooking and fun each week with different music and costumes to relate to the food in some way (either by theme or ethnicity)

  • Healthy at home
  • Healthy at restaurants
  • Healthy on-the-run snacks
  • Easy meals
  • Sexy meals

C. News

  • How it relates to the audience
  • Impact on our lives
  • Side comment with man in the street response

D. Fitness with the Experts

  • Jazzercise
  • Spinning
  • Yoga (Hatha, Bikram, Astanga)
  • Boot Camp

E. Lifestyles

  • Feng-shui
  • Ballroom Dancing/Swing Dancing/ All types
  • Makeovers

F. Guests:

  • Authors / Inventors
  • Newsmakers
  • CEO's
  • Celebrities: Sports/Movies/TV
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Religious Speakers of all faiths; often on together to give counterpoint views

G. Website to view current topics

H. Shattering Health myths

I. Family and relationships

Regular Guests Include

-Jordan Goodman: Financial expert; creator of "Money Answers Program"; author of Everyone's Money Book; and smart. www.moneyanswers.com

-Ray Lucia: Syndicated talk show host of "On the Money" radio; author of Buckets Of Money; and friendly. www.rjlinc.com

-Patti Milligan: Registered dietician; columnist; corporate
dietician for Henry's (Wild Oats) Foods; and cute

-Drs. Mark and Angela Stengler: Naturopathic and Homeopathic physicians; authors of many books related to health...their latest are Your Menotype, Your Menopause and Your Vital Child; and knowledgeable and lovely.

-Sheldon Hendler Ph.D.,M.D.: Author of PDR for Nutritional Supplements; and stately

-Tom Parsons: Owner of "Best Fares Magazine" and Best Fares Travel; and fun. www.bestfares.com

-Tom Margeneau: Public Relations Director, Social Security Office, San Diego; and tall.

-Glenn Erath: Creator of parody songs; Humorous look at the news and the people who make it; and strange. www.customcomedy.com

-Mother L. Butterbreast: Author of many "Inspirational
messages...with a twist". "Remember, if you're sado-masochistic, you're only hurting yourself"; and

-Vance Brand: Astronaut, with NASA news; and spacey.

-Dewey Compost: Expert in horticulture and animal husbandry; creator of "Grow Damit Fertilizer" and "Die Damit Weed Killer"; author of Don't Get Caught With Your Plants
Down; and earthy.

-Deepak Chopra Family: (egs. Back-pac Chopra; Author of The Mysteries of the Out-of- Doors; "To camp is to be"); and mahareeshee-ey.

-Larry Lachman Ph.D.: Animal behavior consultant; Columnist; Author of Dogs On The Couch, Cats On The Counter, and Birds Off The Perch; Radio Talk Show Host; and furry. www.familyanimal.com

-Jamie Zimron, MA, MFCC, CSC: Aikido 5th degree Black Belt; PGTAA Professional Golf Instructor; Combines golf and the martial arts; and gently strong. www.kiaigolf.com

For more information on the Television and/or Radio format, please contact Joe Bauer at: joe@joebauer.com

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